A beautiful counter is the final touch, your signature.  Finding exactly what you want can be difficult.

We are creative when it comes to finding the perfect counter, offering a variety of colours, styles and combinations. With products like Laminate, PaperStone, and Stone, you can have the look you want.

There are limitless ways to use counter material; perhaps create a feature wall or floor, or maybe customized furniture.

We help you achieve your unique look in any room, and create an interior finish that is strikingly different than any other.



PaperStone® is made from FSC® certified Recycled and FSC® certified Mix post-consumer recycled paper and that has been saturated with proprietary phenolic resins and selected natural pigments on our treater lines.

After trimming to length, resin-saturated sheets are stacked and moved into a press where they are fused together under heat and pressure. Paper sheet count determines the thickness of the finished panels.

PaperStone®’s non-porous surface provides a lifetime of stain resistance and it absorbs virtually no water.

For more information, please visit thePaperStone®’s website.