Concert at Studio 16 – Washboard Hank & Sweet Muriel

Concert at Studio 16 – Washboard Hank & Sweet Muriel

Smithers Home Routes presents Washboard Hank & Sweet Muriel in house concert on Wednesday October 26 at Studio 16!

Show starts at 7:00 PM

$20 admission with all proceeds to the artists.

Location: 1185 Main Street in Smithers.


About the musician…

Washboard Hank has successfully made a living as a musician/cultural treasure for over 40 years. He started as a street musician playing all over North America where he learned how to present a truly entertaining show. Late at night he would have total strangers laughing and dancing in the grimmest of urban settings. This ability to spread joy has been Hank’s constant goal.

The Stradovarious Washboard, from which he gets his name, is a musical phenomenon of the first order that he plays with breathtaking virtuosity. With wild flailing motions he carves out melodies in the most unlikely yet spectacular fashion. Hank also plays guitar, 4 & 5 string banjos and the kitchen sink tuba.

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