Simone Groth

Simone was born and raised in Switzerland and moved to BC at the age of 25 after falling in love with the wide open spaces and untouched wilderness of Northern BC.

Over the past two years she has found more time to paint and some of her art has been exhibited at  Schimmel’s Bakery in Smithers in 2015 and can also be found at the Circle Art Gallery in Burns Lake. Her art is usually based on photographs she has taken during walks or car drives. She is
fascinated with the play of light and shadows.

Simone has been creative all her life: drawing, painting, as well as carving both with wood and stone, and loves how the process of painting creates a different awareness of the colours and shapes in nature, as well as the feeling of satisfaction when a painting is finished – and liked.

She earns her living designing business cards, posters, flyers, etc.